Lucknow Campus - Committee

I)     Admission Committee –   

Prof. Surendra Pathak                            Coordinator
Prof. Vijay Kumar Jain                           Member
Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey                     Member
Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey                   Member
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                  Member
Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                         Member(Education)
Prof. Avneesh Agrawal                           Member(Education)
Dr. Vijay Shankar Ojha                          Office Assistant(Education)
Dr. Smt Urmila Tiwari                            Office Assistant

II )     Discipline Committee –   

Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey                     Coordinator
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                     Member
Shri Ramesh Singh                                    Member
Dr. Kuldeep Saharma                                Member
Dr. Smt Urmila Tiwari                               Office Assistant

III )     Hostel Accomodation & Supervision Committee –   

Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey                      Coordinator
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                     Member
Prof. Avnish Agrawal                                 Member
Dr. Dhanindra Kumar Jha                         Member
Dr. Amit Kumar Shukla                             Member
Dr.Kavita Bisariya                                     Member


IV )    Library Advisory Committee –

Prof. Vijay Kumar Jain                              Coordinator
Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                            Member
Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey                      Member
Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey                        Member
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                     Member
Prof. Bharat Bhushan Tripathi                  Member
Dr. Anil Singh                                             Member

V )    Education and Games Competition Committee –

Prof. Bharat Bhushan Tripathi                 Coordinator
Shr. Ramesh Singh                                    Member
Dr. Kuldeep Sharma                                  Member
Dr. S.P. Singh                                             Member
Dr. GuruCharan Singh Negi                      Member
Dr. Kavita Bisariya                                    Member

VI )   Cultural , Literary and Arts Committee –

Dr. Mala Chandra         Member
Dr. Ram Bahadur Dubey         Member

Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey                        Coordinator
Prof. Avanish Agrawal                               Member
Prof. Bharat Bhushan Tripathi                  Member
Dr. Dhanindra Kumar Jha                         Member
Dr. Ghazala Ansari                                    Member
Dr. Kuldeep Sharma                                  Member
Dr. Ram Bahadur Dubey                          Member

VII )    Scholarship Committee –

Prof. Surendra Pathak                              Member
Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey                       Member
Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                           Member
Prof. Vijay Kumar Jain                             Member
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                     Member
Shri. ShriPati Rai                                       Secretary
Dr. Vijay Shankar Ojha                            Office Assistant
Dr. Smt. Urmila Tiwari                              Office Assistant

VIII  Examination Committee –

Dr. Dhanindra Jha                                     Member
Dr. S.P Singh                                              Member
Dr. Vijay Shankar Ojha                             Member
Dr. Urmila Tiwari                                       Member

IX )    Publication Committee –

Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey                         Coordinator
Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Chaubey                    Member
Dr. Dhanindra Kumar Jha                            Member
Dr. Ghazala Ansari                                       Member
Dr. Kuldeep Sahrma                                     Member

X )    Anti Ragging Committee –

Prof. Surendra Pathak                                  Coordinator
Prof. Vijay Kumar Jain                                 Member
Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                               Member
Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey                           Member
Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey                         Member
Prof. Avanish Agarwal                                  Member
Shri. Ramesh Singh                                       Member
Dr. Devi Prasad Dwivedi                              Member
Dr. Kavita Bisariya                                       Member 
Shri. Rajesh Kumar Mishra                         Office Assistant

XI)    Teachers-Parents Advisory Committee –

Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                                 Coordinator
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                          Member
Dr. Dhanindra Jha                                          Member
Dr. Smt.Urmila Tiwari                                   Member

XII)    Planning and Development Committee –

Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                                Coordinator
Prof. Vijay Kumar Jain                                  Member
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                          Member
Dr. Devi Prasad Dwivedi                                Member
Dr. Dhanindra Kumar Jha                              Member

XIII)    Sale, Purchase, Auction, Printing and Photography Committee –

Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey                         Coordinator
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                       Member
Dr. Dhanindra Kumar Jha                           Member
Dr. Amit Kumar Shukla                               Member
Dr. Ram Bahadur Dubey                             Member

XIV)    Internal Quality Assurance Committee –

Prof. Arknath Chaudhary                            Head
Prof. Surendra Pathak                                 Member
Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                              Member
Prof. Avanish Agarwal                                 Member
Shri. Ramesh Singh                                      Member
Dr. Kuldeep Sharma                                    Member
Shri. Jagannath Jha                                     Member
Shri. ShriPati Rai                                         Section Officer
Shri. Kashi Nath Dwivedi                            Office Assistant

XV)    NAAC & Internal Quality Assesment Committee –

Prof. Arknath Chaudhary                              Coordinator
Prof. Surendra Pathak                                   Member
Prof. Lokmanya Mishr                                   Member
Dr. Awadhesh Chaubey                                 Member
Shri. Ramesh Singh                                        Member
Dr. Ghazala Ansari                                         Member
Dr. Pawan Kumar                                           Member
Shri. ShriPati Rai                                           Section Officer

XVI)    Verification Committee –

Dr. Baccha Bharti                                          Coordinator
Dr. S. P. Singh                                                 Member
Dr. Kuldeep Singh                                          Member
Shri. Jagannath Jha                                        Member
DrDr. Anil Singh                                                  Member
Shri. Kashi Nath Dwivedi                               Office Assistant

XVII)    Anti Women Harassment  Committee –

Prof. Avinish Agarwal                                    Coordinator
Dr. Ghazala Ansari                                         Member
Dr. Mala Chandra                                          Member
Dr. Kavita Bisariya                                        Member
Smt. Urmila Tiwari                                         Member

XVIII)    Personality Development and Employment Committee –

Dr. Awdhesh Chaubey                                  Coordinator
Dr. Devi Prasad Dwivedi                              Member
Dr. S.P Singh                                                 Member
Dr. Kavita Bisariya                                      Member
Dr. Vijay Shankar Ojha                                Member

XIX)    Right To Information Cell –

Shri. Jagannath Jha                                        Coordinator
Shri. Shripati Rai                                            Member
Shri. Rajesh Kumar Mishra                           Member

XX)   Local Research Committee –

Prof. Arknath Chaudhary                               Coordinator
Prof. Ashok Kumar Kaliya                             Member
Prof. Surendra Pathak                                    Member
Prof. Lokmanya Mishra                                 Member
Prof. Vijay Kumar Jain                                   Member
Prof. Ram Lakhan Pandey                             Member
Prof.Shishir Kumar Pandey                            Member
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                           Member
Prof. Avanish Agarwal                                    Member
Dr. Baccha Bharti                                           Member
Dr. Dhanindra Kumar Jha                              Member
Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Chaubey                      Member
Dr. Devi Prasad Dwivedi                                Member
Dr. Vijay Shankar Ojha                                  Member

XXI)    N.S.S Committee –

Prof. Avanish Agarwal                                Coordinator
Shri. Ramesh Singh                                    Member
Dr. Amit Shukla                                          Member
Dr. Kuldeep Sharma                                  Member

XXII)    Electricity and Water Supply Committee –

Dr. Ram Bahadur Dubey                           Coordinator
Shri. ShriPati Rai                                        Section Officer
Shri. Kashinath Dwivedi                             Office Assistant
Shri. Sahdev                                                 Peon

XXIII)   Environment, Health and Transpotation Arrangement Committee –

Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Chaubey                   Coordinator
Dr. Pawan Kumar                                         Member
Dr. Umesh Kumar Pandey                           Member

XXIV)    Press Printing, Advertisement, Information Bradcating and Public Relation Committee –

Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Chaubey                  Coordinator
Dr. Pawan Kumar                                        Member
Dr. Ram Bahadur Dubey                            Member
Dr. Vijay Shankar Ojha                               Member

XXV)    Awareness and Transparency Committee –

Prof. Vijay Kumar Jain                                Coordinator
Prof. Shishir Kumar Pandey                        Member

XXVI)    Student Welfare Cell Committee –

Prof. Arknath Chaudhary                             Principal
Shri. Jagannath Jha                                      Secretary
Student                                                           Member
Student                                                           Member
StStudent                                                        Member

XXVII)    Handicap, Minority and Human Rights Committee –

Prof. Shishir Pandey                                       Member
Prof. Madan Mohan Pathak                          Member
Dr. Ghazala Ansari                                         Member
Dr. Gurcharan Singh Negi                              Member


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